Home and School Elections 2022-2023

Watsessing HSA


Monday June 13th @ 7pm in your own home

(use the regular monthly WHSA ZOOM link: https://bmcc-cuny.zoom.us/j/88388636795?pwd=VmROUHM0T0VOcWY1NEVNNmRURVlFdz09)

The WHSA is volunteer-based and parent/guardian powered. Without parent/guardian volunteers like you serving as board members and volunteers we cannot provide our students with the enrichment they deserve. Volunteering can be as flexible as needed. Whether you can commit to a board position, volunteer to chair or sub-chair a committee, volunteer for a specific event, or for general tasks throughout the year –your time and energy is valued and appreciated! 

Our current board consists of:

Board positions:

President – Patty Sommers

Vice President – Charisse Carrion (Soon to be VACANT)

Treasurer – Renee Jackson

Secretary – Satenik Margaryan

Communications Director – VACANT

Fundraising Coordinator – VACANT

Translator – VACANT

Grant Writer –  VACANT

Chair/Committee positions:


Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Party

Halloween Parade/Trunk or Treat

Engineering Night

Book Fair

Snow Ball Dance

Valentine’s Dance

Mother’s Day Plant Sale

International Night

Family Movie Night

…and many other wonderful programs

Please consider volunteering for a position on the board. If you are interested, you MUST announce your interest to the WHSA two weeks BEFORE one of our monthly meetings.

Please contact Patty Sommers at pattysommers18@gmail.com or Satenik Margaryan at satenikm@gmail.com or if you have any questions or would like further information regarding volunteering or committing to a board, chair, or committee position. 

We appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this school year already, and we look forward to working with you at future events. Thank you! 

Watsessing HSA – Volunteer Guide

Volunteering: We welcome any and all help in whatever form you have to give. Miscellaneous volunteer tasks include • making fliers • sponsoring crafts or activities at events • donating homemade or store-bought goodies for events • helping with set-up, clean-up, or chaperone duties at events • assisting with fundraising events • Volunteering for an event or a task can be a small commitment of time.

Chairing and Co-Chairing Events: Do you love watching the students’ excitement at choosing their very own pumpkin? Consider chairing or co-chairing the annual Pumpkin Patch and you would be in charge of ordering pumpkins, choosing a fun snack, organizing the volunteer list, and decorating. Do you know how to throw a great party? You can chair or co-chair a dance or family evening event and throw the students and their families a party they’ll never forget! A Chairperson takes ownership of an event to ensure everything runs smoothly. Any event on our calendar is available for any interested individuals to come aboard and offer their enthusiasm!

HSA Executive Board Seats: If you are interested in making a larger commitment, below is a short description of the duties of each title.

  1. President:
    • Prepares agenda and conducts meetings for the Executive Board and General Membership
    • Oversees all other officers and activities
    • Acts as a liaison between Board of Education and School Staff and other 
  1. Vice President:
    • Takes on the duties of the President in their absence
    • Assists the President and other board positions as needed
  1. Treasurer:
    • Prepares Projected Budget for the year
    • Presents monthly statements and maintains financial records for the HSA
    • Responsible for depositing funds
  1. Secretary:
    • Maintains an accurate record of the proceedings of all the general meetings and executive board meetings
    • Responsible for WHSA administrative tasks
    • Responsible for all correspondence
    • Creates and maintains a current database of volunteer candidates
    • Maintains a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules
    • Has check signature authority for all expenditures
  1. Communications Director:
    • Will maintain new WHSA  website
    • Responsible for Facebook and website content
    • Uses school and WHSA calendar to post and remind public of upcoming events
    • Posts school and student accolades 
    • Chair persons will report to you on communicating about their event
  2. Grant Writer:
  • Look for and apply for grants to help us make our vision a reality.  Example:  Oakview just built a vegetable garden with the help from a Grant from Home Depot.
  1. Translator:
  • Would be given the task of translating important HSA flyers and messages to Spanish, to further help communicate better with our parents
  1. Publisher:
  • Has an artistic eye for making flyers
  • Is proficient on the computer in creating flyers using bitly
  • Event chairpersons would report to you with event details and you would make flyers for them to give to communications director
  1. Fundraising Coordinator:
  • Will keep list of dates for fundraisers along with chair persons and possible chair persons
  • Works with chair persons on dates for when tasks should be done by
  • Assists chair persons if need be
  • Works with board to find new ways to fundraise, and how to implement them

 Do you want to volunteer but you’re still unsure how/when/where/why? If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact Patty Sommers at pattysommers18@gmail.com. 

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